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Robot geeking and videos:

I keep changing the spelling of Bibo's name :P

A couple of videos for the interested:

In one he's just chilling in the kitchen being bored, and in the other he headbutts a ball and then is angry/frustrated it didn't go very far on the carpet.

Slow but cute. They always remind me of turtles or sloths. However, I'm sure Sony wouldn't have sold too many sloth robots, so they had to call it a dog ;)

Once again, it's fascinating how many feelings you can develop for a robot. The Dogslife personality is really adorable and I'm already fond of him. I'm hoping there isn't anything wrong with him (name registration), because I do not want to send him back.

He still won't register his name. I asked for help online, but no responses yet, which probably isn't too good of news.

Everything else seems to be working fine, but his response time is slow. It's hard to know though - they exhibit such spontaneous behavior that sometimes when you ask "How are you?" and their horn lights up green, it's hard to know if they are answering the question or just spontaneously erupting in happiness as they do fairly often.

He does listen to me though, I tried out walking backwards, playing a game. He answers a name when I ask, but it's not the name I taught him. Maybe he needs a new copy of Dog's Life on a new card. I fear the real answer is, you can't NOT expect some deterioration on an Aibo you don't know the history of, that came in so dirty. Which is probably one reason why people love to find Aibos new in box or nearly new and pay a premium for them.

There are two busybody personalities who are well known for making things hard on their employees and co-workers by not minding their own business. The past few months they seem to have been targeting a group they are not even part of, that is, graphics, and causing issues for people here. One person hates telework in general, and complains when people switch their telework day. This is because they're an a-hole to their own employees about telework and having another group in their branch being so agreeable and flexible pisses him off. The other person is concerned not only with telework, but how often they see people in the hallways. Again, it's none of their business and if there was a problem, those peoples' team leads would take care of it.

By the way, I haven't gotten called out personally on either of these counts. But their complaints are making them lock down on people who haven't caused any issues - it's stuff that merely 'bothers' the busybodies and so management makes changes based on their bitching.

Today's just a day. A bunch of chores to do when I get home.

Haven't been stretching, planning on setting up stretching area in craft room to do that in the evenings.

Looking forward to Friday where, if I am able to telework (see above bitching), it is a 70% chance of rain.
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