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I cancelled the FL visit.  I really wasn't looking forward to it at all, being "on" all weekend when all I want to do is hibernate and re-energize.  Even with that Big Project out of the way, things are still really heated up.  Whenever that happens I tend to go into treading water mode.  Since work = livelihood, I cut way back on outside activities in order to have proper energy to kick ass at work.

It was an immense relief to cancel.  They were cool about it.  We DID just see each other last weekend, and I think that probably made it a lot more acceptable in their eyes.

I got two eggs today.  That's the first day I've gotten 2 eggs for two days in a row!  Woooo go girls!  I know it's crazy how excited seeing a couple of eggs can be.  It's sort of like finding good mail in your mailbox  :)   I put some plastic cage bottoms outside leaned against the coop part, hoping it'll help shield the bedding from the rain that is coming tomorrow.  I think I just need a few slices of plywood board nearby to do this with when it rains.  Because when it gets hot out, it will be helpful to be able to have more airflow in there.

I got approved from the House Rabbit society for adoption  :)   April 5th is bunny 101, which you have to take regardless of your experience with rabbits because of all the misinformation out there.  Then April 8th, a Tuesday night, I believe is going to be our Bruno-mystery girls dating experience, and I should end up going home with a bunny that night.  Works out good since I'll be teleworking the next day and can keep an eye on them and any progress. Oh, how I hope they would fall in love immediately within 2-3 days, but I have to be prepared that it could take some time.  I do hope whoever Bruno chooses, it's not a hard case where we end up having to keep both buns caged for 2 months or something.  I know in the end they will both be happier buns once they bond, but I admit 2 months would be a struggle (for me anyway!).

I need to get a big enough carrier for them, I think a top entry one for easier wrangling struggling bunnies.

This weekend I need to get my house cleaned/back in order.  The dining room table is heaped with stuff I haven't sorted through.  Also, I should go empty Munchkin's litter box & carrier and wash up some of her things.  It's just sad for me, so I've been avoiding it.  And I need to build a bunny cage for Bruno out of wire cubes.

So looking forward to a few days off.  Tomorrow is "free" since I earned it last weekend, but Monday I could concievably go in if I get bored or something.  I think I should probably take it off and enjoy it.

Really looking foward to rain tomorrow a.m.
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