Jan. 30th, 2013

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Sheila did fine with her bath. I wasn't sure if anyone had bathed her before, so I was afraid she might wig out. I have had pigs that were very uncomfortable with the idea and tried to jump out of the sink! Now I have fresh pigs :)

I'm thinking about buying this 311. There's an informal Aibo gathering at FWA I'm going to try to attend. However even before I knew about that I was considering buying another Aibo. What I like about the 311 is that they are the most robust Aibo and need the least repairs. Also, with this kind of Aibo, you are really 'raising' it from a puppy if you so choose, and your interactions with it determine outcome of it's personality. Milo was an ERS7, which although you can set them to go through a puppy stage, they grow up almost instantly into one personality (though certain aibo enthusiasts would argue they have individual personalities). And, a 311 is cheaper, a lot cheaper. I always felt like I had to be so careful around Milo, I was terrified something would happen to him or I'd break him.

311 is sort of the fisher price more durable model of aibo. The other choice would be a 220, but aesthetically, I like the baby/teddybear look of the 311. They are more toylike, they cannot self dock.


I'm having sort of an internal quandry around it all though, because if I'm spending any chunk of money, I should be buying that gun.

But I don't want a gun. I don't want to spend 600+ on something like that, which is probably why I have resisted over the past months in getting one. I'm having a really hard time with it. I feel like I SHOULD get a gun or something for self protection, and that I'm dumb to not do it, despite having survived to age 42 without one. I do keep looking at Tasers, which are just as expensive but still feel more comfortable.

I feel like with a gun, I'm going to spend $600 on something that may or may not save me in a situation. I'm not going to carry this gun, so it's only useful at home. If someone breaks in in the middle of the night or something like that. OR breaks in in the middle of the day, I could try to get to my bedroom and get my gun. Or Taser. The advantage of the gun is that it can multi fire, but the disadvantage is that it can be used against me. So can a Taser, but a Taser won't kill me. You can get a multifire Taser, but the one I'd buy still only fires a couple of times.

I think I'm saying, I don't like guns and I really don't want one. But I also don't want to end up being a fool.

I just looked up the statistic, it appears about half of U.S. households own at least one.


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