Mar. 27th, 2013

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Last night was fun - saw "Oz", which I really enjoyed, and then Mellow mushroom for pizza.


Not unexpectedly for anyone who has been reading lately, I've overdone it on the finances lately re: robots. It'll sort out in the next month or so. I think I've just been sick of having a 'good job' and not being able to do something I really want with the money. I'm always throwing money into this house or doing something responsible or what other people think I should be doing.

I'm NOT having Tex come and do that electrician stuff. If he has to run a new line and circuit that's like $600+.

I'm thinking of other options instead, and none of them is perfect. Even the carport idea wasn't perfect.

-Idea 1: office/animals to the 2nd bedroom. It's not any bigger, but it's NOT in the middle of the house like the office is, cutting down on me tracking hay and stuff through the house, ability to be closed off from rest of house. Plan is put down vinyl and get a new cable for internet. I could do wireless, but I prefer how quick the cable is. Total cost: less than $150. Downside is that it's a lot of effort for zero extra space.

-Idea 2: office/animals to master bedroom, I move my bedroom to 2nd bedroom. Master bed is bigger, and it would make the difference between a cramped room and a much better size for having both critters and computer stuff. I spent a LOT of time there. Plus: it has it's own air conditioning which is good for both critters, me, and my wallet. Minus: that means my awesome AC cooled bedroom isn't mine anymore. My new bedroom would just have the regular whole house A/C, and the 2ne bedroom window type won't permit another window A/C easily. Possible fix: leave animal room door open at night and put up moveable curtains so blocking off two bedrooms from rest of the house for the evening. I'd get some residual A/C from that master bedroom. Again, total cost: less than $150.

Another downside to 2 is that it's a hell of a lot of work, the psychological weirdness of not having my big bedroom anymore, of giving it up for my animals, which seems a bit weird and animal hoarder like. But it would actually work a lot better in practice than what I have set up now. That room would have room for office, animals, and running robots.


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