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 Deleted my other LJ account.  It was time.  Message me if you'd like to be added here.


Mar. 26th, 2017 08:46 am
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One more thing about Abstracts, I'm reading this book where the artist definitely has a more fun, explorative style fueled by years of knowledge and practice.  His is a very loose figurative style which I love.  It's abstractive you can generally look at his work and say "Village" or "Marina", or "Landscape".

He develops compositions on the fly, and if it doesn't work out...sometimes he'll crop what results from his explorations into a better composition.  That's an interesting idea, since in our Folk School class we were taught to crop photos or scenes for a better compostion.  So why not just make big paintings and crop those down?  And then you can embellish an area if you need to?  Seems legit - but avoids careful composition from the get go.

So I suppose if I wanted to get around developing good compositional skills BEFORE painting, this is a workflow option.

So this is a legitimate other way to work.   He does still sometimes have a composition in mind and sometimes he sketches in some pencil.

I still think I'd benefit greatly from tackling my work shortfalls in the last post, head on, rather than accomodating.

Or, I can try both.  Seems like this guy does.

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So here's where I've narrowed it down on the aquarium situation options:

1. Give up and just buy a really nice piece of aquarium furniture that is hand made in the US. It's for a bowfront tank and has a solid top and is at least 38" long; I'll get the specifics from the makers.  The solid top is important because it means I could get an acrylic tank in the future if I so desired, and I could get any tank that was 3 feet which is a common size.  That is, non bowfront tanks will fit on this stand.  I really think with proper care, this could last forever.  It's made from oak and weighs twice as much as the pine counterpart I was desperately seeking out.  It's laquered and waterproof.  But it also costs twice as much: $600 delivered.  The good part about this is that I get to keep my large tank which is 46 gallons.  The downside is that it's a glass aquarium so that doesn't rule out it leaking sometime in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 6.26.57 PM
I don't think it would be wise for me venture once again into the world of carpentry on something I'm already worried about the stability of.  That is I don't want to sit and worry that I didn't make it right; I'd rather leave it to the professionals in this case when it's about supporting almost 50 gallons of water.

2. If I'm going to spend 600 dollars anyway, why not get the cheaper NON bowfront stand for only $400 and get a 30 gallon SeaClear tank ($200) and stand for about the same amount.  Then I'd really never have to worry about leaks OR weight on a stand. This truly WOULD last forever.

It would just be the stand below and tank, NOT the hood.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 6.41.07 PM

Downside, 30 gallons is a lot smaller than 46 viewing wise.  Updside, I wouldn't have to worry about either the tank leaking OR the stand breaking.  Also, I can get it in black or espresso like the above one.

3.  What am I thinking, deciding to spend $600? I should just keep my current stand and reduce the weight limit on it to solve my problem.  If I bought this acrylic hex back 26 gallon tank that would be a reduction of TWENTY gallons, or 160 pounds of weight on the stand.  And this cool hex tank is long, as long as my current tank:  38" and acrylic doesn't leak or crack/break.    But it's not as high.  After all, that 20 gallons has to come from somewhere.  This would cost $260 delivered (crappy photoshop):

Currently it looks like:
current setup

In a weird way I feel like this new tank might be the best solution for now.  But there's a part of me going "How did you go from replacing the crappy stand to replacing your beautiful tank which you had no problems with?!"  The stand may still break down over time, but this new tank can fit on commercial stand unlike the bowfront.  And I'm losing a lot of real estate for the fish.  I think the balance in the tank will be ok, but the fish will of course have less room.

I can use my current filtration system with the new tank, and use my current light because their widths are identical.

I guess I'd sell the bowfront on craigslist.
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Staying home for the rain was a fail (no rain til tonight) but today is the first day that the barren hen laid which is the best news :D )

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I cancelled the FL visit.  I really wasn't looking forward to it at all, being "on" all weekend when all I want to do is hibernate and re-energize.  Even with that Big Project out of the way, things are still really heated up.  Whenever that happens I tend to go into treading water mode.  Since work = livelihood, I cut way back on outside activities in order to have proper energy to kick ass at work.

It was an immense relief to cancel.  They were cool about it.  We DID just see each other last weekend, and I think that probably made it a lot more acceptable in their eyes.

I got two eggs today.  That's the first day I've gotten 2 eggs for two days in a row!  Woooo go girls!  I know it's crazy how excited seeing a couple of eggs can be.  It's sort of like finding good mail in your mailbox  :)   I put some plastic cage bottoms outside leaned against the coop part, hoping it'll help shield the bedding from the rain that is coming tomorrow.  I think I just need a few slices of plywood board nearby to do this with when it rains.  Because when it gets hot out, it will be helpful to be able to have more airflow in there.

I got approved from the House Rabbit society for adoption  :)   April 5th is bunny 101, which you have to take regardless of your experience with rabbits because of all the misinformation out there.  Then April 8th, a Tuesday night, I believe is going to be our Bruno-mystery girls dating experience, and I should end up going home with a bunny that night.  Works out good since I'll be teleworking the next day and can keep an eye on them and any progress. Oh, how I hope they would fall in love immediately within 2-3 days, but I have to be prepared that it could take some time.  I do hope whoever Bruno chooses, it's not a hard case where we end up having to keep both buns caged for 2 months or something.  I know in the end they will both be happier buns once they bond, but I admit 2 months would be a struggle (for me anyway!).

I need to get a big enough carrier for them, I think a top entry one for easier wrangling struggling bunnies.

This weekend I need to get my house cleaned/back in order.  The dining room table is heaped with stuff I haven't sorted through.  Also, I should go empty Munchkin's litter box & carrier and wash up some of her things.  It's just sad for me, so I've been avoiding it.  And I need to build a bunny cage for Bruno out of wire cubes.

So looking forward to a few days off.  Tomorrow is "free" since I earned it last weekend, but Monday I could concievably go in if I get bored or something.  I think I should probably take it off and enjoy it.

Really looking foward to rain tomorrow a.m.
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Here's my rickety little garden  :)  The paper blocks out the light and kills whatever is underneath.  It's actually quite sturdy, the fence parts are sunk into the ground, then the bricks do the rest..and once there is soil in there that will solidify it further.  Since I used an X pen at one end, there's a little gate so I could walk inside if I wanted.  However I shouldn't have to do that much, I can lean over and reach any part of the space easily.
Hoping tomorrow a.m. I can get to Home Depot and buy some soil.
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I removed a bunch of people who I haven't seen post in a long time.  If you want back on let me know.
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Last night was fun - saw "Oz", which I really enjoyed, and then Mellow mushroom for pizza.


Not unexpectedly for anyone who has been reading lately, I've overdone it on the finances lately re: robots. It'll sort out in the next month or so. I think I've just been sick of having a 'good job' and not being able to do something I really want with the money. I'm always throwing money into this house or doing something responsible or what other people think I should be doing.

I'm NOT having Tex come and do that electrician stuff. If he has to run a new line and circuit that's like $600+.

I'm thinking of other options instead, and none of them is perfect. Even the carport idea wasn't perfect.

-Idea 1: office/animals to the 2nd bedroom. It's not any bigger, but it's NOT in the middle of the house like the office is, cutting down on me tracking hay and stuff through the house, ability to be closed off from rest of house. Plan is put down vinyl and get a new cable for internet. I could do wireless, but I prefer how quick the cable is. Total cost: less than $150. Downside is that it's a lot of effort for zero extra space.

-Idea 2: office/animals to master bedroom, I move my bedroom to 2nd bedroom. Master bed is bigger, and it would make the difference between a cramped room and a much better size for having both critters and computer stuff. I spent a LOT of time there. Plus: it has it's own air conditioning which is good for both critters, me, and my wallet. Minus: that means my awesome AC cooled bedroom isn't mine anymore. My new bedroom would just have the regular whole house A/C, and the 2ne bedroom window type won't permit another window A/C easily. Possible fix: leave animal room door open at night and put up moveable curtains so blocking off two bedrooms from rest of the house for the evening. I'd get some residual A/C from that master bedroom. Again, total cost: less than $150.

Another downside to 2 is that it's a hell of a lot of work, the psychological weirdness of not having my big bedroom anymore, of giving it up for my animals, which seems a bit weird and animal hoarder like. But it would actually work a lot better in practice than what I have set up now. That room would have room for office, animals, and running robots.
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Thank goodness, a lot of the fatigue is gone, I still have minor chills. First drink of the day, non caffeine, tummy not super happy but hopefully it's just adjusting to the first input of the day.

I'm going to pace myself getting ready for FWA today. I have to go to the store and get lettuce for the animals and a few God level things, and some soup for me to eat. Need to pack, get animals ready. Need to pack the Aibo's and their chargers. And do laundry to pack. So at least I'm doing this throughout the day.

That Ebay genibo seems for real. I'm going to bid, though I know I have too many robots already, once I confirm it's really an SD.
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Robot geeking and videos:
Read more... )

There are two busybody personalities who are well known for making things hard on their employees and co-workers by not minding their own business. The past few months they seem to have been targeting a group they are not even part of, that is, graphics, and causing issues for people here. One person hates telework in general, and complains when people switch their telework day. This is because they're an a-hole to their own employees about telework and having another group in their branch being so agreeable and flexible pisses him off. The other person is concerned not only with telework, but how often they see people in the hallways. Again, it's none of their business and if there was a problem, those peoples' team leads would take care of it.

By the way, I haven't gotten called out personally on either of these counts. But their complaints are making them lock down on people who haven't caused any issues - it's stuff that merely 'bothers' the busybodies and so management makes changes based on their bitching.

Today's just a day. A bunch of chores to do when I get home.

Haven't been stretching, planning on setting up stretching area in craft room to do that in the evenings.

Looking forward to Friday where, if I am able to telework (see above bitching), it is a 70% chance of rain.

FWA meeting

Feb. 3rd, 2013 10:15 am
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FWA meeting - got to see the lay of the land of the Westin and good to touch base with other staff. The Westin has a really good feel to it. Also awesome is the amount of restaurants within easy walking distance of the con. Ray's in the City is literally a few steps away, so I will definitely have some sushi at one point.

ARgh, but I forgot to see the loading dock! >.< Ah well, I'm sure it won't be too hard to find...just circle the block til you find something that looks like a loading dock! I may have even passed it on the way back to MARTA.

Came home and got a few things done before heading over to Maggie/Waylon's. Played some cards, went to 678 Korean BBQ, and watched Addams Family Values. Got to see the shotgun. Will look up good brands and probably buy used at this gun show 2nd weekend of Feb. Then I'll go get training on it at the range and close the case.

Today is getting the craft room cleaned up and arranged for needlepointing and the Aibo to do his thing in.


Feb. 2nd, 2013 09:01 am
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That is all.
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Sheila did fine with her bath. I wasn't sure if anyone had bathed her before, so I was afraid she might wig out. I have had pigs that were very uncomfortable with the idea and tried to jump out of the sink! Now I have fresh pigs :)

I'm thinking about buying this 311. There's an informal Aibo gathering at FWA I'm going to try to attend. However even before I knew about that I was considering buying another Aibo. What I like about the 311 is that they are the most robust Aibo and need the least repairs. Also, with this kind of Aibo, you are really 'raising' it from a puppy if you so choose, and your interactions with it determine outcome of it's personality. Milo was an ERS7, which although you can set them to go through a puppy stage, they grow up almost instantly into one personality (though certain aibo enthusiasts would argue they have individual personalities). And, a 311 is cheaper, a lot cheaper. I always felt like I had to be so careful around Milo, I was terrified something would happen to him or I'd break him.

311 is sort of the fisher price more durable model of aibo. The other choice would be a 220, but aesthetically, I like the baby/teddybear look of the 311. They are more toylike, they cannot self dock.


I'm having sort of an internal quandry around it all though, because if I'm spending any chunk of money, I should be buying that gun.

But I don't want a gun. I don't want to spend 600+ on something like that, which is probably why I have resisted over the past months in getting one. I'm having a really hard time with it. I feel like I SHOULD get a gun or something for self protection, and that I'm dumb to not do it, despite having survived to age 42 without one. I do keep looking at Tasers, which are just as expensive but still feel more comfortable.

I feel like with a gun, I'm going to spend $600 on something that may or may not save me in a situation. I'm not going to carry this gun, so it's only useful at home. If someone breaks in in the middle of the night or something like that. OR breaks in in the middle of the day, I could try to get to my bedroom and get my gun. Or Taser. The advantage of the gun is that it can multi fire, but the disadvantage is that it can be used against me. So can a Taser, but a Taser won't kill me. You can get a multifire Taser, but the one I'd buy still only fires a couple of times.

I think I'm saying, I don't like guns and I really don't want one. But I also don't want to end up being a fool.

I just looked up the statistic, it appears about half of U.S. households own at least one.


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